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purple reign

We wrap up the season with our second annual Pro Bowl.  Last year the Gold division won an exciting 46-44 shootout which was won by Brandon Jacobs' 3 tds.  I don't know that he scored 3 tds this whole season. (actually after looking it up, he did get 3- that's it.)  Purple led off on Christmas night with a 12-4 lead on a td by the KCAs Chris Johnson and six from Beagle k Nate Kaeding.  Roddy White continued the trend with 2 scores, and the Angels' Tom Brady had 4 td passes.  Unfortunately for his fantasy teammates, 3 of them were to the Ducks' Randy Moss. Still, after the early games the Purple were on cruise control at 42-25.  But the late afternoon games turned it into a shootout; rbs Joseph Addai of the Elks and Frank Gore of the T-Cubs and the Elks' wr Desean Jackson all found the end zone, and Elk Kicker David Akers hit for twelve, and only a score by the KCAs Larry Fitzgerald kept Purple in the game, trailing now 55-48. And Monday night's first half didn't make things look any more promising.  But with the Viking renaissance came an Adrian Peterson td that cut the lead to one, a score by the KCAs' Visanthe Schiancoe to take the lead, and finally another by the SVAs' Peterson to clich it by a 66-55 score.  Peterson noses out Brady for this year's mvp.
Just for fun we let the second team squads play as well, and this game was tight the whole way; Tony Romo's td pass sunday night cut the lead to 27-22 for the Gold, a lead built mainly on the back of Duck k Mason Crosby who booted 13 points.  But Monday night it came down to Ranger k Ryan Longwell, and an extra point with 16 seconds left in regulation gave the Purple a 28-27 win in this game as well. The purple load in this game was mainly carried by the Angels, with rb Pierre Thomas and te Vernon Davis each hitting paydirt for the eventual winners.
So that wraps up the 2009 fantasy season.  As we wrap this up, I want to post the all time records of each team.
In alphabetic order:
Arden's Angels: 58-60 regular season, 5-4 playoffs, 1-4 in the Super Bowl, winning in 2008.
Aguascalientes (one of three no-longer-active franchises): 43-27 r.s., 0-5 playoffs.
B2s, previously Butthead's wheel runners and BJs: 80-83 r.s., 4-6 playoffs, 1-1 Super Bowl (winning in 2002).
Buzz Lightyears: 61-57 r.s., 4-4 playoffs, 1-1 Super Bowl, winning in 2006.
Clock BBQs: 78-85 r.s., 1-4 playoffs, 0-1 in the big game.
Fiery Beagles, formerly Fiery Dragons: 74-90 r.s., 5-5 playoffs, 0-3 in Super Bowls.
Elks: 51-42 r.s., 5-3 playoffs, 1-1 in Super Bowls, winning in 2007.
Greenwoods (the second extinct franchise): 34-36 r.s., 4-1 playoffs, winning the first Super bowl in 1997.
KCAs: 76-85 regular season, 4-3 playoffs, 1-1 in Super Bowl, winning in 2003.
New York City A.C. (the third dead franchise): 30-40 r.s., 3-1 playoffs, the only team to have a losing r.s. record (6-8) and win a Super Bowl, back in 1998.
Ragin' Rhinos: 25-23 r.s., 0-2 playoffs.
State Ducks: 27-21 r.s., 1-4 playoffs, 0-1 in the big game.
SVA: 71-77 r.s., 7-3 playoffs, won Super Bowls in 2004 and 2009.
Sunset Rangers: 89-74 r.s., 0-8 playoffs.
T-Cubs: 75-74 r.s., 11-2 playoffs, won Super bowls in 1999, 2000, 2001, and 2005.  The last 3 were all wins against the Angels (45-31,62-53, and34-16.)
Finally, a fond fairwell to yet another pretender that thought they could be as perfect as the '72 Dolphins.  Or, as I told Laurie, Eli Manning played so bad today, they benched his brother!  Am I enjoying this? you bet! I just wish I could have been at Shula's with Zonk and Mercury and the boys when they popped the cork on one more bottle of champaigne Sunday night.
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We are the Champions..

If you've even seen the score of last night's Washington debacle (and if you haven't, it was 45-12 Giants) you can guess the 9 points that Buzz needed did not materialize.  The Super bowl Final score is SVA 33, Buzz 26.  SVA (10-4) wins their second Super Bowl, the first team other than the T-Cubs to win multiple titles.  Pretty good when you consider Shenan wasn't here for the draft and we gave her best player available.  They turn around from a 3-9 record last year.
The original drafted team included Kerry Collins (who was replaced by Vince Young, just like real life), Jamaal Lewis (who ended the year on the Ducks roster) the Panthers' Steve Smith (who did absolutely nothing until SVA cut him); Felix Jones replaced Lewis for one game, got hurt, and was replaced by Rashard Mendenhall, who remained on the team and scored in the Super Bowl.  Jay Feely  replaced the injured Adam Vinitieri in week 5, and Brandon Marshall replaced Smith in week 10.  Finally, Marshawn Lynch replaced an injured Julius Jones in week 11. The final Roster was:
QB: Matt Schaub (HOU) and Vince Young (TEN)
RB:  Adrian Peterson (MIN), Julius Jones (SEA), and Rashard Mendenhall (PIT)
WR: Roddy White (ATL), Antonio Bryant (TBY), and Brandon Marshall (DEN)
K:  Josh Scobie (JAX), Jay Feely (NYJ), and Adam Vinitieri (IND-IR)
D: Green Bay, Oakland.
See you next week for the Pro Bowl.

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Posted on: December 21, 2009 9:55 am

Endgame '09

SVA takes a 7-0 lead Thursday night on Josh Scobie's work, but that was quickly erased Saturday by 2 tds by Marion Barber and Nick Folk's 6 for a 18-7 Buzz lead.  The 1 o'clock games only cut the lead to 18-10, but SVA struck twice on scores by Rashard Mendenhall and Brandon Marshall, and only Chad Ochocinco's emotional score in honor of his fallen friend Chris Henry  Kept Buzz in the lead.  Still, it was the late 5 pts that GB df contributed that put SVA up 27-24 going into Sunday night's game.  And just like the KCAs and Arizona in last week's semis, Buzz's overdependance on Minnesota cost him.  Neither Sidney Rice or Percy Harvin scored; but top draft pick Adrian Peterson did, and SVA takes a 33-24 lead into Monday night's game, and Buzz needs 9 pts from the WASH df to tie, where they would win in OT. Otherwise, SVA will win its second title for Shenan, both against KC's teams.
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With a heavy heart...

...I have to announce that the dreaded division winner jinx struck again with both barrels this week.  Washington's df domination over the Raiders turned a close game into Buzz's 41-28 romp over the Ducks.  4 tds from the arm of Peyton Manning were to no avail as Buzz got 12 points each from the WAS df and Thomas Jones.  Buzz goes to their second Super Bowl; they beat the Angels 3 years ago in their first.  Meanwhile, the SVA (which, since I've never mentioned, stands for Shenandoah Valley Authority) routs the KCAs 42-26 behind 2 tds each by Brandon Marshall and Adrian Peterson.  The valliant white elephants still had a chance last night, but Tim Hightower (who fumbled in the 1st quarter for the 4th time this year and got benched), Larry Fitzgerald (who was double-covered for interceptions twice and got hurt in the 3rd quarter), and Neil Rackers (who tweaked his leg in warm-ups and missed an extra point) contributed less to the KCAs and more to the Cards' embarrassing 24-9 loss to the 49ers.  The KCAs wasted 21 pts from Chris Johnson by only managing 2 pts in the 1 o'clock games.  The SVA also go to their second Super Bowl, having beaten the Clock BBQs 5 seasons ago. One of these teams will become the only one outside the T-Cubs to win a second Super Bowl.  See you Sunday!
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Posted on: December 8, 2009 12:27 am

Another playoff game...

...another loss for the Sunset Rangers, who drop to 0-8 all time in the post season after a 35-16 loss to the SVA.  SVA (9-4) will play the KCAs (8-4) next week.  The Rangers (6-7) Bow out once again. Even though they were .500 this year, they have a league-record 7 winning seasons, including 4 in a row (1998-2001) for another all-time best, as well as a record 89 regular season wins.    In the Meantime, Buzz lightyears (7-6) outlast the T-Cubs 34-31 and advance against a State Duck team (9-3) who have already lost rb Jamaal Lewis for the playoffs and may be without WR Devin Hester. The T-Cubs (7-6) lose for just the second time in 13 playoff games (having lost to KC's Clock BBQs 53-24 in 2003).  This year, the KCAs pounded SVA 43-26 in week 8 but lost to her 26-11 in week 3. The Ducks took down Buzz 42-25 in week 11 and 50-22 in week 5.  What are the odds next week? In 12 seasons, a Division winner has only won the Super Bowl 4 times, and Both division winners have met in the Super Bowl only three times.
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Posted on: December 6, 2009 11:58 pm

Playoffs round one

First let me put in comments I posted on the CBS talkback about the college bowls:

"I was never really against the BCS until now.  First, how does anyone who watched the one-drive-per-quarter play of Cincy's defense put them ahead of TCU or Boise State?  But just in case you see things this way, the BCS cleverly matches TCU with Boise State to avoid any chance of embarrassment. After all, How can you say (Fill in the winner) deserved to play Alabama when they only played (fill in the loser)? In the meantime, Cincy can lose and they'll say , "of course they lost to Florida" or "See, they beat Florida".  Either way the west is kept in obscurity.  Hopefully the Fiesta bowl will draw higher ratings than the Sugar, Orange, or that Sorry Rose Bowl matchup and the egg-faced BCS can sit around for 7 months saying, "How did we mess that up so bad?" "

Moving on, all the drama has been in the Buzz/T-Cubs game.  The 4-time champs plowed out to an early 29-11 lead on tds by Brent Celek, Santonio Holmes, and Kevin Smith and the foot of Dan Carpenter (and by the by, HOW 'BOUT THEM DOLPHINS!!!).  But Buzz rallied behind Brady Quinn (3 td passes) and Darren Sproules, and with the late Percy Harvin td took a 34-31 lead.  Buzz is done, though, and the T-Cubs have the slumping Greg Jennings Monday.
Game two saw a lack of firepower from the triumvirate of the Rangers (Jones-Drew 0, Longwell 5, NOR df 2) while SVA got tds from Brandon Marshall, Roddy White, and Rashard Mendenhall, all in the early games.  It was 30-9 at that point, and is 30-16 as we go into Monday.  SVA still has the GBdf, while the Rangers need a major night from rb Ryan Grant to avoid dropping to 0-8 all-time in the playoffs.
The Ducks would not have had a very good day if they weren't on the bye; the KCAs Would've gotten 24 in just the Sunday night game.

Eleven teams will be rooting against Jennings tomorrow; Tune in Tuesday a.m. to see what happened.
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And then the playoffs

Lots to cover today, let's get started!
The Rangers get the last playoff spot with a 39-37 winner-take-all victory over the Rhinos.  The Rhinos (6-6, 396 pf, 368 pa, 581 ratings pts, ranked 5th) lost 3 straight games to choke away the third spot in the Purple division, while the Rangers (6-6, 465-404, 664/2nd) win their last two to knock first the Beagles and then the Rhinos from their path.  They'll be playing the SVA in next week's first round game hoping to breake their 0-7 playoff curse.
SVA edged the Beagles 37-34, but still finish 2nd behind the KCAs.  SVA(8-4, 415-418, 550/6th)  lose the division on head-to-head points, while the Beagles (5-7, 409-430, 457/9th) miss a chance to finish .500. The two playoff teams split their season series, with SVA rolling 42-25 in week 5 and the Rangers routing SVA 46-17 2 weeks ago.
The KCAs clinch the division with a 44-36 win over the Angels.  The KCAs (8-4, 461-431, 618/3rd)  are grateful for a week off, with both Ben Roethlisburger and Matt Ryan both hurting. The Angels (4-8, 439-483, 375/11th) finish with the second-worst record and, not suprisingly, the second-worst points against.
Drew Brees ran up 15 pts Monday night to give the Clock BBQs a come from behind 49-38 win over the Ducks. The Ducks (9-3, 510-436, 735/1st) miss out on a record 10 wins but still win the division by 2 games.  The Clock BBQs (5-7, 445-446, 517/7th) lost the Elks a playoff shot, as they hung onto a 39-33 win over the last-place B2s.  The Elks (5-7, 408-503, 498/8th) win the tie-breaker to finish 4th; the B2s (3-9, 394-464, 322/12th) end their 3rd consecutive last-place campaign.
The final spot went to the Buzz Lightyears after their thrilling 45-42 OT win over the T-Cubs.  Buzz (6-6, 382-442, 409/10th) and the T-Cubs (7-5, 457-454, 584/4th) will play again in next week's playoff opener, as so often happens. Buzz also won their week 6 encounter, 25-21.
The Pro Bowl rosters have been set for the game one month from now.  Tom Brady of the Angels will lead the Purple division team consisting of rbs Maurice Jones-drew of the Rangers, Chris Johnson of the KCAs, Adrian Peterson of the SVA; wr Larry Fitzgerald and Vinsante Schiancoe of the KCAs and Roddy White of SVA; k Nate Kaeding of the Beagles; and the New Orleans DF of the Rangers.  The Gold team is led by qb Aaron rodgers of the B2s; rbs Ricky Williams of the Ducks, Frank Gore of the T-Cubs, and Joseph Addai of the Elks; wrs Randy Moss and Reggie Wayne of the Ducks and Desean Jackson of the Elks; k David Akers of the Elks and the T-Cubs San Diego defense.
The top scorers had to go 20 spots to get in all the individual team leaders.  Buzz's Nick Folk, Rhinos' Tony Romo and PIT df, and SVA's Adrian Peterson all tied with the Duck's Peyton Manning for 16th with 75 pts. The T-Cubs leader was k Dan Carpenter, who tied with B2s' Robbie Gould for 14th with 76. Pro bowl starter Tom Brady led the Angels and finished tied with Matt Prater of the Clock BBQs with 77 for 12th.  Rob Bironas (B2s) and Olindo Mare(Ducks) tied for 10th at 80; Maurice Jones-Drew was 9th for the Rangers at 87. Tied at 7th was Duck's leader Mason Crosby and Ranger k Ryan Longwell at 93. Elks starting k Steve Gostkowski took 6th with 95 pts. The remaining spots are all held by their team's leader. Tied for 4th at 96 are Drew Brees of the Clock BBQs and Nate Kaeding of the Beagles at 96; Aaron Rodgers, Pro Bowler from the B2s, finishes third at 101; Elks Backup k David Akers is 2nd at 103; and the Rangers' NOR df wins the scoring title with an incredible 109 pts.

This week, SVA vs. Sunset Rangers and T-Cubs vs. Buzz lightyears!  Round one is ready to begin!
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Gold playoff decided.

A late td by Santonio Holmes tied the T-Cubs with Buzz, 27-27 last night; But it went to OT that way, where Buzz outscored them 18-15 to win the game 45-42 and take the last Gold division playoff slot with a 6-6 record.  That means, as so often happens, the 2 teams will play again next week in the first round. So the other 2 games have been rendered meaningless, even though the Elks are clinging to a 34-33 lead over the B2s in a game that required 2 L.T. tds and 5 pts from AZ df to climb back into.  The Ducks lead Clock BBQs 38-34 in their attempt to win a record 10th game in a twelve-game season. On the other side, the big game continued undecided, as the Rhinos got 5 from PIT df and a td from the mysterious disappearing Willis McGahee( Who got 42 pts in the first 3 games and hadn't scored since) to pull into a 31-22 lead on the Rangers, who have league leading scorer NOR df among three players going tonight.  The KCAs had a big 4 p.m. set, with Chris Johnson, Tim Hightower, and Vinsanthe Schiancoe all scoring to race to a 44-30 lead over the Angels.  SVA leads their shootout with the Beagles 37-34, but the two remaining players belong to the Beagles.
Two notes of... well, note, to take care of. First, among the other business for tomorrow I'll announce the Pro Bowl teams that will play one month from now.  Second, I am announcing the individual team MVPs today.  These are the players who, while they may not be the leading scorers, are the guys that seemed to score when their team needed it most.
KCAs- rb Chris Johnson
Angels-te Vernon Davis
Beagles- k Nate Kaeding
SVA- rb Adrian Peterson
Rangers- rb Maurice Jones-Drew
Rhinos- rb James Stewart
Ducks-rb Ricky Williams
CBBQs- rb Ronnie Brown
Buzz- wr Percy Harvin
T-Cubs- rb Frank Gore
Elks- wr Desean Jackson
B2s- rb Deangelo Williams
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