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Posted on: December 29, 2009 12:47 am
We wrap up the season with our second annual Pro Bowl.  Last year the Gold division won an exciting 46-44 shootout which was won by Brandon Jacobs' 3 tds.  I don't know that he scored 3 tds this whole season. (actually after looking it up, he did get 3- that's it.)  Purple led off on Christmas night with a 12-4 lead on a td by the KCAs Chris Johnson and six from Beagle k Nate Kaeding.  Roddy White continued the trend with 2 scores, and the Angels' Tom Brady had 4 td passes.  Unfortunately for his fantasy teammates, 3 of them were to the Ducks' Randy Moss. Still, after the early games the Purple were on cruise control at 42-25.  But the late afternoon games turned it into a shootout; rbs Joseph Addai of the Elks and Frank Gore of the T-Cubs and the Elks' wr Desean Jackson all found the end zone, and Elk Kicker David Akers hit for twelve, and only a score by the KCAs Larry Fitzgerald kept Purple in the game, trailing now 55-48. And Monday night's first half didn't make things look any more promising.  But with the Viking renaissance came an Adrian Peterson td that cut the lead to one, a score by the KCAs' Visanthe Schiancoe to take the lead, and finally another by the SVAs' Peterson to clich it by a 66-55 score.  Peterson noses out Brady for this year's mvp.
Just for fun we let the second team squads play as well, and this game was tight the whole way; Tony Romo's td pass sunday night cut the lead to 27-22 for the Gold, a lead built mainly on the back of Duck k Mason Crosby who booted 13 points.  But Monday night it came down to Ranger k Ryan Longwell, and an extra point with 16 seconds left in regulation gave the Purple a 28-27 win in this game as well. The purple load in this game was mainly carried by the Angels, with rb Pierre Thomas and te Vernon Davis each hitting paydirt for the eventual winners.
So that wraps up the 2009 fantasy season.  As we wrap this up, I want to post the all time records of each team.
In alphabetic order:
Arden's Angels: 58-60 regular season, 5-4 playoffs, 1-4 in the Super Bowl, winning in 2008.
Aguascalientes (one of three no-longer-active franchises): 43-27 r.s., 0-5 playoffs.
B2s, previously Butthead's wheel runners and BJs: 80-83 r.s., 4-6 playoffs, 1-1 Super Bowl (winning in 2002).
Buzz Lightyears: 61-57 r.s., 4-4 playoffs, 1-1 Super Bowl, winning in 2006.
Clock BBQs: 78-85 r.s., 1-4 playoffs, 0-1 in the big game.
Fiery Beagles, formerly Fiery Dragons: 74-90 r.s., 5-5 playoffs, 0-3 in Super Bowls.
Elks: 51-42 r.s., 5-3 playoffs, 1-1 in Super Bowls, winning in 2007.
Greenwoods (the second extinct franchise): 34-36 r.s., 4-1 playoffs, winning the first Super bowl in 1997.
KCAs: 76-85 regular season, 4-3 playoffs, 1-1 in Super Bowl, winning in 2003.
New York City A.C. (the third dead franchise): 30-40 r.s., 3-1 playoffs, the only team to have a losing r.s. record (6-8) and win a Super Bowl, back in 1998.
Ragin' Rhinos: 25-23 r.s., 0-2 playoffs.
State Ducks: 27-21 r.s., 1-4 playoffs, 0-1 in the big game.
SVA: 71-77 r.s., 7-3 playoffs, won Super Bowls in 2004 and 2009.
Sunset Rangers: 89-74 r.s., 0-8 playoffs.
T-Cubs: 75-74 r.s., 11-2 playoffs, won Super bowls in 1999, 2000, 2001, and 2005.  The last 3 were all wins against the Angels (45-31,62-53, and34-16.)
Finally, a fond fairwell to yet another pretender that thought they could be as perfect as the '72 Dolphins.  Or, as I told Laurie, Eli Manning played so bad today, they benched his brother!  Am I enjoying this? you bet! I just wish I could have been at Shula's with Zonk and Mercury and the boys when they popped the cork on one more bottle of champaigne Sunday night.
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